25 June 2013

Pom-Bear: Zoo Friends – Really Cheesy (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I have discovered Pom-Bear crisps a little bit late in life, but I hold no shame in taking a pack regularly with my lunch to work. I am the kind of person that is swayed by novelty, and yes I do like the cute looking bear shaped crisps. They are also low in calories, so I can munch away with no guilt on my snack.
In fact this new edition comes in at less than 100 calories, so it is all good. Pom-Bears are traditionally bear crisps, but for the Zoo Friends variety we have lots of other new animals in the pack. There all sorts of creatures to identify, and I was quite enjoying plucking out lions, hippos and even tortoises form the bag! It was fine – nobody noticed my amusement of them while I was at work... I think. ;-)
The crisps had the usually Pom-Bears texture, which is light and crunchy, but which melts quickly on the tongue, making you want another. Oh yes, they are moreish! The flavour is quite gentle, it’s not too strong more like a gentle mellow cheese than being exactly “Really Cheesy” but it still worked perfectly on the crisps. Some cheese flavoured crisps can be very mature and musty, and this goes at the expense of good flavour. I’m pleased to see that Pom-Bear haven’t fallen into this trap. I liked the taste, as it was better balanced, and even allowed some of the potato taste to shine through too.
Again these will be a repeat purchase, as they are perfect for lunch times at work. I’ll try not to sort the animals next time though, just in case I get spotted! :-D
By Cinabar

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