21 June 2013

Eton Mess Dessert (@MarksandSpencer) [By @cinabar]

When it comes to luxury desserts, I think M&S is probably one of the best places to buy them from. They always have such a good selection of flavours and varieties, they have lots of imagination and the desserts change every season. There is so much there to keep a Foodstuff Finds blogger on her toes! My last visit resulted in me picking these up, and spotting a whole host of other goodies for later blog posts too.
These fine desserts are inspired by Eton Mess and look stunning with their striped meringues sitting on top! Underneath the meringues is layer of raspberry compote and vanilla mousse which is topped with white chocolate! Oh my! I wasn’t sure where to start with all that to be honest, so I decided to munch on the three meringues separately. Each one is striped with raspberry sauce, which just adds a nice fruity hint to the meringue. They have excellent texture, each meringue being crunchy to start with, but have a lovely soft fluffiness in the centre. There sugary goodness shone through. Next up I tackled the layered dessert in the pot. The white chocolate topping was thin, but sweet and gave way easily to the vanilla mousse. The mousse was super creamy and gently sweet, which balanced out the sharp zingy raspberry compote underneath. I loved the mix of flavours and the strong raspberry tasted was mellowed perfectly by the creamy topping.
What can I say; this is summer in a pot. It’s all there, sharp fruit berry flavours, soothing vanilla mousse and absolutely beautiful meringues topping it all off. The perfect match of contrasting tastes.
By Cinabar


Erin Burns said...

They are absolutely delicious! M&S desserts are always so unique and yummy, worth the higher price
Great review

cinabar said...

Ah thanks - M&S desserts are my guilty pleasure :-)

Joe rich said...

Not now they are not, one meringue not three and the white chocolate layer is now almost non existent! They changed the recipe twice already this one is just a cost saving exercise and it’s shows

cinabar said...

Joe - that is such a shame. The whole point of M&S is a little bit of luxury not cost savings.