11 June 2013

Walnut Whip Mini Cup Cakes (Marks & Spencer) [By @cinabar]

If you are a fan of the humble Walnut Whip you will also probably know that the very best place to find them is Marks & Spencer. They always have the classic style ones, and usually some limited edition whips, such as Easter ones or whatever is seasonal. Marks & Spencer is actually celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the walnut whip, so they have gone to town a bit with the goodies available. The range now has all sorts of thing in, ranging from giant whips to these Mini Cupcakes. I couldn’t resist picking up a box to try out.
After getting them home I soon realised that the clear plastic on top of the box was incredibly flimsy and despite the card lightly supporting the sides, the top had touched the whips within the box, even though I hadn’t carried anything else in the bag. Oh well. Once the packaging was off they still looked quite pretty! There are nine mini walnut whip cupcakes in the pack, laid out in three rows of three. Each one consists of a chocolate sponge, soft chocolate icing, a small dollop of vanilla whip and a few sprinklings of walnut pieces. This review sits in the category of the item was tasty, but didn’t quite do what it said on the tin. There wasn’t much nut flavour from the walnut, the pieces were too small and got lost in the overall product. The white whip was lovely, and would have been a purer experience if this had been the only topping on the cupcake, ie instead of the chocolate icing. The key ingredients to a walnut whip are the nut and the fluffy white filling both of which were underrepresented in theses mini cupcakes. Having said that I’d be lying to you if I tried to claim that these didn’t go down well and taste good. They were taken with us on a picnic and their chocolaty goodness meant that they didn’t last long. The sponge was soft and rich with plenty of chocolate flavour. The icing added a lovely chocolate hit and the fact that looked so cute meant we were on to a winner. I liked the dollop of vanilla whip, it was the same as proper whip’s filling I just found myself wishing there was more of it! Ditto the walnuts, they could easily put a bigger piece of nut on top. Come to think of it, these mini cupcakes should have been filled with whip, that would have been perfect.
If you are wanting a purer novelty walnut whip experience I’m thinking you’d be better off pick up one the giant ones currently for sale in M&S, (I’m trying to resist the urge)! If you just want to get some different but mainly chocolate mini cupcakes, there won’t be any complaints from these because they are still all super tasty.
By Cinabar

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