18 June 2013

New Maryland Gooeys – Triple Choc [By @cinabar]

We took these new biscuits from Maryland on a picnic us with for afternoon snacking at an air show. This was significant in that it meant I couldn’t test them with my usual biscuit eating methodology, dunking. Our picnic was fuelled simply with lemonade and fruit juice and there was no thermos of tea or coffee to dunk them in. Having said that, I knew they had a soft centre, so I thought they just might be okay.
I also couldn’t have been more right. I am a huge chocolate fan, and the idea of a triple chocolate biscuit couldn’t be more up my street. The biscuits have a gooey chocolaty centre, a chocolate biscuit and white chocolate chips too! I was impressed by the mix of textures. I’d originally thought that these biscuits would be like American style cookies, were the whole thing is quite soft, but that’s not what these are like at all. The biscuit itself is just as firm as a regular Maryland biscuit; it just has a filling of a rich chocolate paste in the middle. I loved the feel of these biscuits, and the fact that they are bursting with chocolate and lovely and moist in the middle, but still maintaining a decent crunch.
The chocolaty flavour was rich and plentiful, but there was still a lovely background taste of wholesome fresh biscuit. These were the perfect picnic treat! I also didn’t miss dunking them in a coffee, they were perfect exactly as they are. There are other flavours available too namely (regular) chocolate and hazelnut, which I’m going to have to try out very soon!
By Cinabar


paulham said...

I thought the picture on the packaging was very misleading.

The chocolate in the middle was very slim in the ones I purchased.

cinabar said...

The regular choc ones I also tried, seemed to have more filling. Maybe the proportions are a bit random? If you need me to buy more to investigate - I guess you could force my hand ;-)