3 June 2013

Muddies [@Moreartisan] (@TebayServices)

The thing about a trip to Tebay is that you can’t help but pick up rather a lot of goodies, and as such there are going to be a few reviews over the coming weeks as we work our way through them.
I spotted these Muddies (or Brownies) in the centre of the shop, all stacked up on a plate. They are made by a company called “More? The Artisan Bakery” and are described (albeit by the baker) as the best chocolate brownies. Well that’s the kind of thing here at Foodstuff Finds we feel the need to investigate.
The brownies are quite chunky and dark in colour. The texture is pleasingly soft, but it is absolutely packed with a rich dark chocolate flavour. The sponge is seriously chocolaty on its own, but the extra chocolate chips throughout give little bursts of extra cocoa flavour.
What I liked most about these brownies was the texture. It wasn’t too spongy and not at all stodgy, juts perfectly filling while remaining moist inside. My mum tried one too, despite saying she isn’t much of a brownie fan – but she loved it!
They had the perfect texture combined with its rich flavour of chocolate, and the background hint of butter just meant the whole thing was perfectly balanced. To be honest, I think the claim may well be genuine, I don’t think I’ve ever had a better brownie. Really wishing I had picked up some of their Bakewell Tarts which were sat next to them as well!
By Cinabar

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