22 June 2013

Walkers Tiger Nuts – Sweet Chilli flavour (@walkers_crisps Tesco) [By @spectreUK]

I’ve always been a fan of coated peanuts, especially either salt and vinegar or chilli flavoured. They’re perfect for snacking either when I’m sitting down to watch a movie and fancy savoury or a gaming evening sitting with friends and sharing bowls of nuts and crisps. Walkers Tiger Nuts Sweet Chilli flavoured coated peanuts came in a 130g bag. Per 30g serving size there was 163 calories, with 10g of fat and 2.1g of sugar. The ingredients contained, gluten, wheat and barley, no artificial colours or preservatives and included; peanuts (obviously), rice flour, starch, salt, sugar, onion, red chilli pepper, black pepper, garlic, tomato, yeast, and citric acid, with beetroot and paprika for colour. On opening the packet these coated peanuts exuded heat with their fiery red chilli colour. I found their coating light and crispy, and their flavour had decent warmth to start with that increased as I ate more of them to a fiery burn. These coated peanuts didn’t have the usual sweet chilli flavour I’ve found on Walker’s crisps before; these chilli coated nuts had more of a chilli burn to them with a mild peppery aftertaste that caught the back of my mouth occasionally. They were very flavoursome and moreish, and I would certainly have them again. Other flavours of Tiger Nuts available are; Purrrfect Smoky Bacon, Fearless Salt and Vinegar, Exotic Sweet Chilli and Mighty Masala Curry. I’ll definitely have to hunt these other flavours down, as the Sweet Chilli flavour were “Grrreat!” Sorry to nick Tony the Tiger’s catchphrase! ;-)
By Spectre

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