12 June 2013

Master Rice Thins - Sweet Chilli Flavour Rice Snacks (Home Bargains) [By @SpectreUK]

I’m not a big fan of rice snacks as even passing a packet of Snack-a-Jacks in a shop can easily suck all the moisture from my body. So I was more than a little apprehensive when Cinabar’s colleague recommended these Master Rice Thins as his favourite snack. Apparently his wife had bought them as a low fat treat one day and he has been hooked on them ever since. With this über positive review I just had to try them, and maybe even I would become irrevocably hooked on them too! There was a garlic, paprika and chilli smell on opening the packet, but no garlic and paprika were listed in the ingredients. The ingredients were gluten free, vegetarian friendly and contained rice flour, rice bean oil, sugar, salt, chilli powder, and a few ‘e’ numbers as flavour enhancers, antioxidants and anticaking agents. The 100g packet of rice thins sported “less than 10% fat” as they were baked and not fried. There were 404 calories in the packet with 3.2g of sugar and 4.2g of fat. So these rice thins are really good for you. There was sweetness in the initial flavour followed by a succulent chilli burn. On first bite I found the rice thins ludicrously tasty and moreish to the extreme. No wonder Cinabar’s colleague is hooked on them. I ate the whole packet in one sitting and found them difficult to share. They burn the tongue after a while leaving the whole mouth tingly, yet moist and begging for more. If you don’t buy anything else in Home Bargains, buy these Master Rice Thins, but please leave me a few packets on the shelf!
By Spectre

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cinabar said...

I'll have a root around Home Bargains - see if I can find any other flavours!