19 June 2013

Skittles Riddles (@Yankee_pop) [By @SpectreUK]

Skittles have always been a big favourite of mine for such small juicy “bite size” sweets. Made by Wrigley in Chicago, Skittles Riddles’s selling point is that their colours don’t match their flavours. There were five colours in the 56.7g packet, which had 220 calories, with 2.5g of fat, 40g of sugar, and were gluten and gelatin free. The pink colour was watermelon, which had a strong and juicy watermelon flavour. Green was cherry or Punch flavour, which was not too bad on the cherry front. I never have liked cherry flavoured sweets though, so they were not my favourite of the five flavours. Turquoise was raspberry flavour. There weren’t many of these in the packet, and they tasted of a light raspberry flavour. Dark blue was apple flavour, which had a good clean natural apple taste after a good suck. Dark red was strawberry flavour, which had a strong tang, but not exactly of strawberry. Still all these Skittles were enjoyable to munch on and made my mouth water. I really enjoyed sucking all the flavour out of them. These sweets were very tasty and moreish, asides the Punch for obvious reasons! These Skittles reminded me that I should buy Skittles more often, instead of chocolate or the usual gummy favourites.
By Spectre
These Skittles Riddles were kindly provided by the lovely folks at Yankee Pop for review.

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