13 June 2013

Esquires - Chicken & Spanish Chorizo Melt with Spicy Salso Mayo [by @NLi10] @PeekayPenguin

Ah - the boring old British sandwich. Most places these days seem to know that once you've entered their establishment you will just choose your favourite from the selection on offer and lump it.  Not so for this penguin!

It's a bit of an odd one though - I was given this by a relative whose neighbours had some left over.  I'm not sure whether it was just from where they work, or they make them, but who am I to turn down a free lunch? I popped it in the oven for a bit to give it a fighting chance.

The bread is a little more interesting than usual, being more in line with the quality of bread you'd buy rather than the hard stuff you usually find on lunch bars.  What really caught my eye was the variety of things that were inside.  They easily could have added all these words to make us excited and to purchase it knowing full well that we probably wouldn't ever come across the brand again, but inside of this there is quality.

I often make a fuss about being able to taste all of the things on the package - and this certainly passes the test (excluding the penguin naturally). The chicken and sausage play off each other like in a nice spanish tapas dish. The pepper and spinach are proportional to the rest of the ingredients and the salsa mayo is good enough to want to buy - it's similar to Nando's perinaise in some respects.  I'm no fan of cheese but that held it together nicely and didn't overpower the other flavours.

I'd happy walk a bit further and pay a bit more to be able to have these at work for lunch rather than the sad, pre-packaged sandwiches we have on offer (luckily due to the sandwich bar making things for us fresh I go for wraps and panini instead).

Turns out Esquires is a UK coffee chain, just not near me! The website had other tasty choices too - maybe a day out in one of their locations is in order (maybe even my old Uni town of Durham!).

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