25 May 2019

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA Beer (Discover Brew) By @SpectreUK

I just received a new box from Discover Brew that replaced the last one that was mostly full of out of date beer, after sitting on a shelf somewhere for too long waiting for the competition to close. Fortunately all the beers were in date this time, so I'll probably write about more of them in the weeks to come.

This 7% volume Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point Brewing Company, in California, promises a bitter sting like the fish on the back of the can. It's been hopped at five different stages during the brewing and the can promises citrus hoppy flavours of apricot, peach, mango, and lemon. Sculpin fish are both fresh water and salt water fish seemingly waiting in shallow water for someone to step on them. They are also known as sea scorpions because of the poisonous spines on their back.

On opening the can there was a strong sweet malty and almost fruity citrus smell from the contents. The deep golden India Pale Ale pours with a decent frothy head. On taste there's the unmistakable sweet pale malt to begin with, followed by a light painless sting from the citrus hops. I wouldn't say I could pick out all the fruits that were mentioned on the can, and thankfully no mango, but there is a definite flavour of apricot to the bitter hops that followed my tastebuds into the aftertaste. I'd wouldn't like to meet a sea scorpion in a shallow pool, but I would definitely like to sit on a sunny beach drinking a few of these Sculpin IPAs.


TJ said...

American here, just found your blog and I'm enjoying it a lot. If you ever run across their Grapefruit Sculpin, get some because it's incredible!

cinabar said...

Ooh - that sounds delish. Spectre would love to try it, consider us on the hunt.

cinabar said...

Also we are all pleased you are enjoying the blog. :-)