29 May 2023

Cadbury Caramilk Ice Creams (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Caramilk Ice Creams

Today is a Public Bank Holiday in the UK and it is sunny, this is an unusual combination. There is a running joke that you don’t need to look at the weather forecast in Britain when there is Bank Holiday because it always rains. So, taking advantage of this unusually warm day, I raided the freezer to see what we had, and I found this fab-looking box of Cadbury Caramilk Ice Creams.

Inside are four ice lollies, and I picked one out. Inside the wrapper is a lovely gold-coloured covered ice cream. I bit into it, and the chocolate wasn’t too thick and gave quite easily. It had all the lovely tones of rich toffee and caramel swirling in the flavour. Underneath was vanilla ice cream that added to the creaminess and was a delight. This was a total treat, and it is nice to see Caramilk and these caramel-flavoured chocolates becoming more popular. I’ve been hooked on them since I was a kid, as I have quite a sweet tooth, and I love that I can now buy ice creams with the flavour. It was the perfect treat on the last Bank Holiday of the month.

Cadbury Caramilk Ice Creams

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