7 May 2023

Duchy Organic Coronation Biscuits - Choc Chip All Butter Shortbread (@NLi10)

 Happy coronation weekend everyone! Happy New King! I picked up these snacks ages ago - I had to review the scones early as they'd have been out of date by today.

But I saved the biscuits.

Look - magnificent biscuits! And the new king & queen in the background, I mean I assume I'm on the right channel - they have a flag.

And the biscuits are quite special looking too.

Much better out of the packet - they have a crown on them - all ready to be eaten by the king.  You get 12 but they are fairly small.  I royally decree that 6 is a portion.

They are nicely flavoured and the chocolate feels real and luxurious. The shortbread is fairly luxurious. 

How do they compare to the good old high volume essential biscuits?  I mean shortbread is essential (it's in all the first aid kits in England) but Bourbons aren't bad.

You do get a lot more for your money.  I only needed two for a portion. Maybe that's because I ate half the shortbread ones.

30 servings does sound quite ambitious. Nice though - and a good example of an archetypically British snack.

Both better with a cup of tea though so I should probably go put the kettle on.

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