10 May 2023

Cadbury’s Cookie Bites (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

Cadbury’s Cookie Bites

Quick, I managed to nab these Cadbury's Cookie Bites off Cinabar when she had her back turned. I managed to grab a pot of low calorie vanilla ice cream on the way to eat them with. I'm going to down these chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies quick quick, and hide the empty packet so I can sneak it in the bin later. I've been looking forward to these.

These Cadbury's milk chocolate dipped mini cookies seem ideal for ice cream. I do usually like to eat my regular pots of low calorie ice cream with a mini bag of Cadbury's Animal Biscuits. They have been my favourites since I was very young and my Auntie used to give me a box of Cadbury's Animal Biscuits on a Saturday afternoon when I visited. she always treated me. I remember being fed Walkers Ready Salted crisps, a block of raspberry ripple ice cream from a long cardboard box (I don't think they make that anymore), and Cadbury's Animal Biscuits just after my Uncle used to teach me woodwork in his shed. At one point we made a really bad toy car, as the wheels didn't turn around. Anyway, I digress.

Cadbury’s Cookie Bites

Back to this bag of Cadbury's Cookie Bites. On opening the packet you can see from the photograph that the cookies were around two centimetres in diameter. Milk chocolate dipped these chocolate chip cookies tasted delicious. Ridiculously moreish, these Cadbury's Cookie Bites were packed full of Cadbury's milk chocolate flavour, but instead of the Animal Biscuit, they had a proper cookie crunch and flavour. They went perfectly with my vanilla ice cream and a mug of white hot chocolate.

Information on the packet; The 90g bag contained 135 calories per 10 biscuits (26.8g), 6.6g of fat, with 9.2g of sugar, 0.25g salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Cadbury’s Cookie Bites

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