28 May 2023

Dinosaur Icecream Lolly for Jurassic World [@NLi10]

We've got out of the habit of buying puddings for home - mainly because the Katkin takes up all the spare room in the freezer.  I spotted these cute ice-cream on a stick creations while looking for paratha in Asda and decided that we disserved a treat.

Vanilla & Chocolate flavour is a little disappointing, but I'm not sure what green & brown would have been otherwise - apple & cinnamon isn't what kids want really is it. 

At 35g a pop they really aren't adult size lollies.  I swear the funny feet we had as a kid were at least double that.

And here he is - a cute little specimen, pretty close to the box.

The brown does indeed taste of cocoa, but the vanilla is not really evident.  They should have decided that the dinosaur could have little brown flecks of vanilla in it too and make it more adult and yummy.

I've still not seen the latest dinosaur fest, but I can happily look for it on streaming and eat a few of these like the T-Rex I am.

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