3 May 2023

Original Stormtrooper S.N.I.P.A. (Space Craft Beer) By @SpectreUK

Original Stormtrooper S.N.I.P.A. (Space Craft Beer)

May the fourth be with you! Okay, so it's the third of May, but tomorrow is the fourth, so close enough. I was bought a few speciality Stormtrooper beers a while ago for a present. I have always loved Star Wars, and lately have really enjoyed the new Disney series's, such as Obi Wan Kenobi and also The Mandalorian.

One of my favourite childhood memories was sitting down in an old Odeon to watch Return of the Jedi. A kid somewhere behind burst into tears when he saw a Gamorrean Guard, and he had to leave the cinema. Another memory was more recent when we were at a Toy Fair in Birmingham. A squad of Stormtroopers walked passed us as we were entering. One of them recognised the rebel logo on Cinabar's t-shirt and told her off for wearing it.

This Stormtrooper S.N.I.P.A. or Situation Normal India Pale Ale was 4.4% in volume, and was made from US West Coast hops, so there should be flavours of gooseberries, grapefruit and mango. I do usually enjoy a West Coast IPA, so I'm looking forward to this beer, even if it does seem to be for the bad guys. And let's face it, I'm a lover not a fighter.

On opening the can there was quite an explosion of blaster fire from inside. A seasoned beer can opener, I didn't lose a drop. This Stormtrooper S.N.I.P.A. was not very disciplined and was pretty difficult to pour without it blowing up like a dodgy Motivator.

This pale gold IPA definitely had a predominant gooseberry aroma, with a little grapefruit and pale malt to finish. On tasting the bitter crisp fruity hops cut through my tastebuds like a Blast Door, and then those sweet pale malts shone through to the finish like a Lightsaber duel to the death.

I did rather enjoy this Stormtrooper S.N.I.P.A. with my hotdogs for dinner, even if the situation was not normal on pouring it, however I have to say, "down with the Empire," if any rebels are reading this communication.

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