19 May 2023

Heinz MayoMust (Iceland) By @cinabar

Heinz MayoMust

There have been a bunch of hybrid sauces recently, and I’m never quite sure what to make of them. I’m still recovering from the Hellman’s Gravy Flavour Mayonnaise I tried before, what were they thinking. Well, this one is from Heinz and combines Mustard and Mayonnaise, hence the name MayoMust. Hopefully, it is a ‘must and not a ‘must not.

I tried this new sauce with chips, that seemed to be the easiest way to taste it. All sauces should work with chips, that is the rule. I gave it a try, and oh my, I actually liked it. This Heinz MayoMust is a very creamy mayonnaise, it has a bit of a Dijon flavour, but it is very mild and worked surprisingly well as a dip. I ended up mopping up the entire amount and wanting more, so that is a win.

Tomorrow I will try this Heinz MayoMust on a ham sandwich because that goes well with either mustard or mayonnaise, so why not both? I’m still not convinced on gravy-mayo, and nobody can sway me on that.

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