30 May 2023

Gu Gold Limited Edition (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Gu Gold Limited Edition

I really like Gu desserts, but I only buy them occasionally as a treat or when there is a limited edition. This new one fits into the latter category. Yesterday I wrote about Caramilk ice lollies, and today, on a similar theme of caramel chocolate, I have these Gu Gold Limited Edition desserts.

There are two in the box, and they are in glass ramekins, which can be recycled or apparently topped with a Pringles lid so you can store stuff. 

The bottom of the cheesecake-style dessert has a lovely crumbly biscuit base, and then the next layers add all the golden caramel flavour. They are nice and sweet, with rich golden tones of caramel. There isn’t really a toffee tone; it is more of a sweeter caramel with this dessert, but it is an absolute delight. 

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