5 May 2023

Coronation Colin The Caterpillars (Marks and Spencer) By @Cinabar

Coronation Colin The Caterpillars (Marks and Spencer)

There is a big Coronation here in the UK tomorrow, as we officially crown King Charles III. I have to admit, I was expecting there to be quite a few limited-edition goodies celebrating the event. Although there are sections in the supermarket set up with garden party items such as quiches and beers, there aren’t many items that specifically mention the coronation. We did find a few, but I was quite pleased to see these Coronation Colin The Caterpillars.

Inside the pack are five Coronation Colin The Caterpillars, each one a mini roll that is decorated. When I say decorated, what I mean is they are super cute, with caterpillar faces wearing crowns, plus red, white, and blue sugar sprinkles. I gave one a try, and the sponge was lovely and moist, and the chocolate buttercream was nice and rich and super tasty. I left the face to last, and the nice big chink of white chocolate was tasty. These would be perfect for a party for the Coronation, but they would also be perfect opened a day early with an afternoon coffee.

Have you managed to find many Coronation goodies?

Coronation Colin The Caterpillars (Marks and Spencer)

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