21 May 2023

Making PRIME at HOME with coconut water (@NLi10)

It's official - PRIME is a hit! It's selling out all over the globe and will eventually catch up to all the other big brands once they can actually franchise out the factories to pump as much out as possible.  It avoids the sugar tax and still costs more than the sugar-based drinks that don't!

But - what if you can't find any PRIME when you want it?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just make your own?  Well now you can!

Here's what you'll need:

100% Coconut Water - if your coconut water is not 100% then adjust the proportions accordingly. Heck - if you can find one with built in sweeteners that's a big help I guess!

Tap Water - put it in a big bottle - put that bottle in the fridge overnight - hey presto - nice water

Ice-cream flavouring - now, if you have the slush-puppy style stuff it might work better, but this did the trick (kind of)

Lemon Juice! If you want to match any of these citrus flavours they basically all use this.

Recipe for my version I nicknamed ALFFA (like Alpha, but with the FoodsuffFinds FFs)

1 part coconut water to 4 parts tap water. Flavour as desired to taste. Done.

Seriously. No secret cocoa-cola recipe handed from generation to generation here. Just add the flavour and lemon for zing. If you have them, you can add some B vitamins via dropper from the health shop.  I didn't so I sprayed some Vit D in but that didn't really add much. 

This one was quite early on before I got the ratios right, but still - it's basically the same!

Science in action!

Here I tried to make a vanilla version.  It wasn't horrible but it really needed an artificial source of sweetness.  I don't have any little packs of Stevia at home.  I can't condone people taking some from the coffee shop chain at the cinema, but that's what I'll probably do for next time.

And if you want to see it in action I made some long videos - more for my own amusement than anything.


It tastes as good as the flavour you add, so in theory with access to a Soda Stream flavour library you could make anything  - PRIME Pepsi for instance.

At £2 a 500ml bottle PRIME is a bit steep.  The coconut water was £180 for 300ml and would make you 1.5 Litres of slightly odd 'base' to then flavour as you or your kids choose.  The coconut aftertaste of this brand (and smell) is quite strong though so you have to be a fan of the stuff (or use strong flavours on to like PRIME do).

Good LUCK.

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