23 May 2023

Fox’s Chewy Mints - Peppermint (Iceland) By @cinabar

Fox’s Chewy Mints - Peppermint

It has been a long time since I last had Fox’s Mints. I used to associate Fox’s Glacier Mints with car journeys as a kid, as there would always be some boiled sweets in the car. I haven’t seen much in the way of new products from Fox’s for a while, so I was excited to see these new chewy mints, which are a complete change of format for them too.

Fox’s Chewy Mints - Peppermint

Inside the bag are individually wrapped rectangular mints in a cute blue wrapper with polar bears and mints on them. The mints inside are white with blue speckles, a little bit of colour but fairly plain, really. I gave one a try, and it started off quite hard and then became chewy, but not good chewy. These mints were sticky and stuck to my teeth as I chewed. I guess this is the texture they are aiming for; I just don’t think it is my cup of tea. I prefer a Starburst type of texture, chewy but not so sticky. Flavour-wise, they are sweet and minty, the peppermint is nice and pleasant, but it isn’t as strong as Fox’s Glacier Mints. I liked the flavour, but the texture has put me off.

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