25 May 2023

Odd (but great) Pizzas, Capaldi's meat & Baker's Vegan (Iceland) [@NLi10]

I had to speed-run Iceland the other day as their security guy graciously let me in but I had to be '2 minutes'.  I got the frozen Italian stuff we talked about before as a repeat - then spotted the £5 Lewis Capaldi Pizza oddity was now £2.  For that price I could risk it for sure.  As there was no stunning veggie I had to pick one up from Asda - but I found a new one so added it to the pile.

I've taken a picture of this before but can't see if I shared it - for a premium pizza it looks a bit flat.

There is some interactive fun to be had though

The video is very worth the click

Turns out though - it's actually pretty special.  This is totally designed with my friend James in mind - it's just meat and base, but the meats and base are incredibly high quality. Like - ridiculous quality. This is almost beyond Waitrose premium £6.50 pizzas in terms of it's loadedness and it's absolutely perfect for teenage boys that hate vegetables. I think that's what put me off - it just doesn't look like it has any flavour deapth or variety to the bite - but it's just magical.  If there are any left when I go up Cape Hill next I'm getting two.  I mean - I'm not going up especially - I'm not crazy - but I will stock up. 

I'll also maybe toss some rocket and tomatoes on so I don't die of malnutrition...

My partner's pizza was completely the opposite - all the veggies (and seeds) but none of the meat - even the base was odd and special.

She had the foresight to de-veganise the pizza with some Cathedral City added to the top to make it sing.  And apparently this was a big hit and something we will also be having again.  I'm also really keen to try this one, but may add some olives or meat to my taste too.

So overall very unusual pizzas, but very successful indeed.

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