4 May 2023

Happy Lemon Oreo Crepe Cake (@NLi10)

 Opposite the Hippodrome, near the old Mr Egg (which is now the new Mr Egg) is my favourite tea shop.

I get loads of teas and even have a loyalty card, and occasionally I treat myself to their snacks.

This is a stack of crepes - masquerading as a cake - with oreo dust and creme everywhere.  They don't travel well so excuse the crushed pictures.

Look at those layers - all wobbly from being in my bag for an hour or so.

And naturally being this rich you have to go halves.

The matcha one is still the best, but this one ironically goes best with a tea (the other one is tea)

Of course the actual best snack they sell is the bubble waffle - but I think I've shard this before.

Crispy edges, and the batter in the middle of each pop is only just cooked so it's an absolutely divine experience.

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