15 May 2023

Rafaello Ice Lolly (Iceland) By @cinabar

Rafaello Ice Lolly

Oh my word, there is a new ice lolly on the shelf based on the White Ferrero Roche, Rafaello. My mind is blown. I had no idea such a wonder could exist. There are only four Rafaello Ice Lollies in the box, and sadly, they aren’t too big. They are round-shaped, so not a standard lolly shape at all, think flat giant Ferrero Roche.

Once out of the packet, I could see the ice cream was coated in white chocolate and coconut. I bit in, and the whoosh of creamy delight hit my taste buds. The chocolate cracked perfectly, and the soft ice cream underneath was so wonderfully creamy. These are all the best flavours mixed together: coconut, white chocolate, and vanilla. What an absolute delight. There was no hazelnut in the middle, but either way, these Rafaello Ice Lollies are divine. 

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