17 May 2023

Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins

I do like fruit jellies as a snack whilst watching TV or a movie on an evening. These new Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins seem to fit the bill rather well for tonight. They're sugar free, made with fruit juice, and have three flavours. There were strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavours.

On opening the packet there was a very naturally fruity aroma from the jellie coins inside. On first taste these Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins were really quite tough to eat. The texture seemed to be more like rubber than jelly. The flavours were nice, and the calories low, which made me want to stick with them though.

Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins

The almost orange coloured raspberry flavour did taste of fruity raspberries, whereas the bright red strawberry flavour was lovely and fruity also. The dark red colour jelly coin had a rich blackberry taste to it. Sadly I wouldn't buy these again though, as that rubber texture was too tough to bear.

Information on the packet; The 100g bag contained 212 calories, with 0g of fat, 0g if sugar, 8.6g of protein, and 0.07g of salt. Gluten and dairy free, and with natural colourings and flavours, please see photograph for the ingredients.

Fruit-tella Fruit Jellies Coins

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