18 May 2023

Giving my 95 year old Nanna some PRIME Hydration (@NLi10)

 It's finally PRIME Time here at FoodstuffFinds and with my acquisition of 6 of the things I figured I'd group them all up. I've only paid £2 a go for them, I figured it's not that crucial to sample kids pop on day 1.

As mentioned in Sunday's first part - I tried the energy drink during Eurovision and thought it wasn't too bad.  I also used that as an opportunity to finish the three Hydration bottles I was keeping.

As PRIME is based on (powdered) coconut water it always looks a little sci-fi.  I think that's a huge part of it's appeal.  That and the branding, with famous people I've never heard of being the big push.  It's like the drink being sponsored by the celeb instead of the other way round with the Cola Wars.

Being a powder based drink I bet they can start serving this in fast food restaurants once the hype has worn off too. That'll be interesting to see.

PRIME Hydration is basically Pocari Sweat/Aquarius but made with coconut water, that is to say it's got lots of vitamins and minerals and salts artificially added so that it's 'isotonic' and similar to the fluids that your body needs (and the doctors put in when you've had a bad day).  There are more vitamins in this one than the Energy version, I guess the strong flavours can hide them better.  Still no Vit D - gap in the market there!!

Looks like they are taking Europe seriously - this isn't imported this is Manufactured For: - should make it easier to get as it ramps up.

TLDR: Prime will make you less thirsty.

So - flavours:

Lemon Lime is very much like the old TipTop/Panda Pop version. Just that little bit too agressive. Bet it sells the worst.

Tropical Punch - pathetic fruit blend. No UmBongo.  Probably the best cocktail base and the one I'd be most likely to try on a normal person...

Blue Raspberry - this is the blue slush puppy.  This is the one that gave me the great idea for the next review on Sunday.

Overall - all surprisingly good.  Full of vitamins, and the comedy of getting teenagers to buy coconut water and flavour for £2.  I'm a convert.  I mean I'll never bother to buy these again for me (except for new flavour reviews) but essentially they are a force for good and fairly harmless fun.

So lets get some family in on the act.

This is my partner's Nanna.  She's 95 (almost 96), regularly beats me at iPad Scrabble and likes Snooker & Tennis. She'd never heard of PRIME (or YouTube really) but she's happy to go along with most things.

I transferred a sample size amount to a glass so that it looked more civilised (and not too much as this stuff is still hard to get). I fully expected her to take a sip and pull a face and give it back.

Turns out she's well into it!  She finished all of her portion (crucially didn't ask for more).  She said it was a bit too fruity, but that it was pleasant enough.  We then spent a lot of time talking about how the kids were paying £10 to get their hands on it originally which elicited a chorus of 'really' and 'madness'.

I didn't get her to try the coronation shortbread that we took round but I think because this was rare and special she gave it a try and seemed to be quite into it.  I resisted the temptation to film as she's not really into photos but I did convince her to let me take and share those two.

So overall - I think PRIME is here to stay (although I'd much rather have a Sip Shack).  I've already seen a few imitation ones cropping up in the corner shops so it'll be very entertaining to see how the market expands and copes with that.

I mean...

...how hard can it be! 😈

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Bulldoger said...

She looks amazing for 95! We should all be so lucky.
Greetings from the USA/ Fort Lauderdale/Florida