14 May 2023

PRIME Energy at Eurovision - Orange/Mango flavour (@NLi10)

 Hey - there's this hot new drink called PRIME - have you heard of it?  😀 Turns out the kids have gone mad for something and caused a mini-economy to flare up, meaning we've not been able to get any to review - until now!

As mentioned before my parcel shop has had bottles for sale for £5 for a while - they sneak into Asda on the quiet days and buy a few to make a living off (and I don't blame them!).  I decided to wait until the supply was sufficient that I could pay the normal £2 (which still feels a lot) and then I'd review it.

And over the last week I've picked up 6!

It's important to note this isn't me trying to corner the market - I have one of each flavour that was on display - and two spares as a gift for a young person.  I'm making a loss here!!

Sainsbury's are brave enough to have them on display by the door.  All the blue ones were gone when I left so it's still selling - but I suspect they have a lot more out back.

Apparently the KSI lemonade flavour is the one to find now! Will see how that goes. 

Asda had all their stock at customer services and had all the stimulating energy drinks available so that's what I'll talk about today - kind of out of sequence, but timely.

...because I saved mine to crack open during Eurovision! Unfortunately due to bag searches I didn't dare take it to the actual show on Tuesday (which was great) as I'd have to have drunk it 90 mins before the music started AND discard the precious can.

This new-generation of stimulation drink get around the sugar tax by quite simply not having sugar in.  Our children's teeth have never been safer.  What they do have is a really high level of other mind bending chemicals.

Along with the trademark coconut water this has a boat-load of vitamins, and then every legal stimulant you can put in a can. Caffeine, things that break down into caffeine, and a couple of sweeteners to trick your brain into thinking that this provided any energy at all.

Ironically the vitamins here will really help with kids growth and development.  Should have vit D in too, but I'll forgive them - it's probably too unstable.

Not recommended for children.  Only have two a day.  All the normal health warnings you want to see on things that teenagers are competing to buy.

A cup of tea has about 50mg per decent cup, so a can is essentially 3 cups of tea.
Coffee is about double that - so this is 1.5 cups of coffee (or a large coffee) which isn't as bad as I'd feared.

My chemistry knowledge isn't good enough to understand all the other constituents pathways - so I'll just have to talk about what 'taking' the PRIME was like.

The flavour was very much the standard orangeade-with-vitamins flavour. Similar to the kind of thing you'd get from the pharmacist as kids.  The thickness from the coconut water is smart - none of the Sunny D oil based drink problems here - and it's tricking kids into being a little healthier too.

After say 20 mins the effects started to kick in and I did feel a little more energised and outgoing, and would have been a lot more tempted to dance/vote for the Eurovision songs in that section.  I pity the teachers for the after break/lunch classes once the kids can reliably get their hands on this.  £2 a day habit might put a few people off though.

Overall - a fairly tame energy drink with a decent, familiar flavour.  Didn't have me bouncing off the walls or staying up til 4am (mana potion I'm looking at you) but did give a welcome lift to a tired Saturday evening.

Importantly (like the Mana potion) there was no subsequent crash (no sugar you see) so you could slot one of these in for a workout or clubbing session and have a great time.  Sneaking redbulls into the student union was something we had to do a lot in 1997 (before bars caught on and started selling them directly) so I expect PRIME cocktails to be just as hot with the youth.

For me - i'd rather have the 3 cups of tea, but this isn't actually that bad a product.  Kudos to the YouTubers for sneakily getting kids to eat their vitamins.

Later in the week I'll talk about the non fizzy versions!

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