2 July 2009

Weetabix – Oaty Bars [Milk Chocolate / White Chocolate] (Sainsbury’s)

It seems that a lot of cereal companies now make cereal bars too. I guess this makes sense as I know I like to have a cereal bar as a quick and easy breakfast some days. Weetabix is the latest company to jump on this market and have released three new cereal bars. I am going to be writing about the two chocolate varieties, but will update you when I get hold of the other strawberry edition.
These bars don’t seem to have a noticeable Weetabix flavour, but do taste nice, sweet and oaty and have a good firm texture. The chocolate on both bars is drizzled in a zigzag design on the surface of each bar. The milk chocolate bar had a fairly messy zigzag of chocolate, that was smudged and drizzled off the edge, but this didn’t affect the taste! In both bars the chocolate taste isn’t that pronounced, but is enough to add a nice hint of flavour to the bar. The white chocolate was creamy with a vanilla edge, and the milk chocolate sweet and but with a better defined cocoa flavour. One of the good things about this bar was that it had just 85 calories, making it a nice low calories start to the day, or indeed guilt free snack between meals.


  1. For those doing weightwatchers only 1point per bar :)

  2. Does that relate to calories some how? I'm not sure how weightwatcher points work?

  3. There is a ww formula which uses calories and grams of saturated fat to come up with the points in a foodstuff. Carry on with foodstuff finds for another few years & maybe you'll find out ;-)

  4. Not sure why they are advertised as 'under 85 calories' when all varieties are only sixty-something! Even better.

  5. Wow - if they are under 65 calories that is really low!


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