8 July 2009

Thornton’s Summer Collection (Thornton’s)

If I am given a selection box of chocolates, the first things I home in on are the fruit creams. Consequentially when I discovered that Thornton’s new Summer Collection was essentially a selection of fruit creams, I really couldn’t resist. I bought myself a small bag, but these chocolates are also available in boxes if you are looking gift.
Mixed in the bag are some absolutely lovely choccies. There is a lemon cream encased in white chocolate with meringue pieces on top that is fresh and vibrant in taste. A strawberry cream, again in white chocolate with freeze dried strawberry in the shell, which was sweet and fruity. There was dark chocolate with a blackcurrant cream that was full of flavour, and just for variety there were also some chocolates with a chocolate mousse filling. The bag presented a lovely selection of chocolates for the summer which I was really impressed with, and included a well thought through collection of flavours.
On a side note, while I was in Thornton’s I spotted that they were selling the White Chocolate Fruit Bars that they had last year. If you haven’t tried them, those too are worth a purchase.


Katie said...

I love the lemon and white choc ones.

Does your Thorntons do ice cream? If so I recommend you try it. The flavours are great and have 'bits' in them.

cinabar said...

Thanks for the tip.. I am off shopping next Friday, so I will have a look at Thorntons. Fingers crossed they stock ice cream!!!