13 June 2010

Quorn Vegetarian Frankfurters [by Nli10] (Asda)

I like meat. My fiancee is vegetarian. I tend to do the cooking. This combination means that I tend to want to find a few more exciting things to add to recipies to spice up meal time. I managed to convince her that quorn can be nice when cooked correctly with a good sauce, as bad quorn can be mushy and bland. I really like herta frankfurters. You get 100g of pasta, put in a pan with water and bring to the boil. Add 5 frankfurters with a few cuts to make them explode out and go back to the xbox for 10 min. Drain and add sauce and leafy greens and you have a propper meal with no effort. I did the same with the quorn frankfurters, the only difference being that you get 4 sausages in a pack to share instead of 10 and we had smiles instead of pasta. This seemed stingy when cooking but on eating this was ample. They were really really firm and massivly filling. It's like vegetarians didn't realise that even the best sausages aren't solid meat. My fiancee managed half a sausage before giving up due to their general texture and taste being alien to her veggie stomach. I ate the remaining but it sat really heavily and I didn't enjoy it. I love quorn but they are at their best when not copying meat dishes directly and just being influenced by them.
by Nli10


Spectre said...

I bet the Smiles cheered you both up over the dodgy Frankfurters though? :-)

NLi10 said...

The smiles were great as usual. Even the squished ones that look a bit like aliens.

The plan was to get more quorn frankfurters for world cup BBQ hotdogs, but I don't think we will.

Deborah said...


cinabar said...

Maybe in a hot dog, with plenty of ketchup and mustard they'd be okay?

NLi10 said...

Thanks for the comments - love the 5 'meats' round up. Oddly the Quorn bacon slices are more like the Turkey rashers you can buy than anything else.

As people have said, they need to find a way to put a bit of fat inside the rashers/sausages to get them to sizzle and have the right texture!