8 October 2012

Cadbury Crispello – Double Choc [by @cinabar]

I think I mentioned when I saw the new Mint Bubbly bar that there seemed to be a surge of new choccies on the shelves, and I’m pleased to announce another new bar from Cadbury! Well, when I saw bar I mean three chunks of chocolate pieces in a bar sized packet, but you know what I mean. The new chocolate is called Crispello, which I think must be a portmanteau word combining ‘crispy’ and ‘mellow’.
Inside the packet there are three large diamonds of chocolate. I had to google the next bit as I was driving myself mad trying to work out the proper word for a three dimensional diamond, but apparently it’s an octahedron, so there you go! :-D Anyway each of the pieces consists of a chocolate filling, a wafer case and coating of Cadbury’s chocolate. They are quite chunky and I ate mine lady-like style taking two bites (the same can’t be said of Spectre). Each piece had a nice mix of textures with the crispy wafer adding a very light crunch and the filling was just firm but silky and soft, like a truffle.
The chocolate filling reminded me of an intense Dairy Milk flavour, sweet but rich with plenty of cocoa. It combined well with the wafer and the creamier coating. They work very well at giving a good chocolate blast of flavour and I thoroughly enjoyed each one.
This is the perfect decadent treat for a busy afternoon at work. They taste luxurious, aren’t too filling to put you off your tea but do suppress any chocolate cravings. At just 55 calories per chunk they aren’t even going to make you feel too guilty! I’m hoping from the label on the front saying ‘Double Choc’ that means that other varieties will be available in the future too, fingers crossed for a hazelnut edition!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting, where did you find it?

Grocery Gems said...

Great find! I've been looking out for this bar but it's proving quite elusive. I'm not sure about the whole marketing to women issue but lower calories is usually good news!

Anonymous said...

These have been available in Europe made by milka for a while now.


Unknown said...

I too have been keeping an eye out for these. I love to check out all the slightly more diet-conscious stuff for Toto Eats the World (managed to find Galaxy Jewels and Special K Cracker Crisps, but not this damned bar!!), but alas, it's eluded me!

Help me Mighty Cinabar!

cinabar said...

These are available in my local branch of Boots - on the counter near the tills if that helps? Happy hunting :-)