14 August 2017

Afternoon Brunch (Patisserie Valerie) By @Cinabar

Afternoon Tea is a big thing in the UK, something tourists want to experience and perfect for a treat for anyone. I was in Birmingham with my mum shopping and we thought we’d have the extra special experience and treat ourselves. We popped into Patisserie Valerie, and glanced at the menu. We were in a little early, it was round midday, and the item that was glowing at us was Afternoon Brunch. Oh yes, Patisserie Valerie have just upped their game on delicious treats.

We couldn’t resist so Afternoon Brunch for two was ordered, and we both chose an inclusive hot drink to accompany it. I went for a cappuccino and we were asked to pick a “starter” we both went for the smoked salmon bagel.

The coffees arrived promptly, followed quickly by a half bagel each, generously topped with salmon and scrambled egg. This was very tasty, and a posh breakfast, but just I was trying to work out if the tiered tray was going to arrive, they pushed another small table next to ours to make room for it! There were some seriously yummy treats laid out.
We finished up one the savoury by layering more bagels with cheese and ham, and enjoying the flavours of a continental breakfast.

We had a nice healthy fruit course next, there were slices of banana, blueberries and strawberries to share, plus a pot of yoghurt each to go with it.
Finally was the naughtier course, with two Danish pastries each. These were absolutely delicious and the perfect way to finish off our stunning Afternoon Brunch. I totally recommend this twist on a traditional Afternoon Tea, perfect for breakfast fans, but I’m sure NLi10 would be soon to point out there wasn’t a bowl of cereal in sight!

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