28 October 2009

Twix Pods (Cybercandy)

This is another purchase from that lovely import shop Cybercandy. It is the first time that I have seen the product ‘Pods’ which look like a shell of biscuit with a filling. I’m pretty sure I saw some other varieties other than those filled with Twix as I was leaving (I will check next time I’m in).
The biscuit shell reminds me of a Cornetto case, it’s not a light wafer or biscuit, but it is very similar to the thicker and more flavoursome wafer you get on the expensive ice cream cones. When you bite in, this shells is thin but crunchy, with the flavour of Demerara sugar, and it melts pleasantly in the mouth. The caramel inside the pod, is exactly as you would find on a Twix, fairly thick but full of flavour, and then the milk chocolate layer brings it all together. Each biscuit is smaller than I imagined from the packet, and as such each one only takes a second or two to eat, making them dangerously moreish!


  1. They also do Snickers and Mars Pods

  2. Oooh... hope they are both in Cybercandy when I next look ;-) Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I could easily demolish a bag or two of those with a pot of tea!

  4. oh my these look so tasty!

  5. Katie / Anon - these disappeared far too quickly!


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