7 December 2009

Nandos Extra Extra Hot Peri-Peri Seasoning Rub (Nandos)

Sadly barbecue season was a bit limited this year, but this does not mean that we can’t spice up our meat on the grill indoors. I think trying Extra Extra Hot seasoning certainly counts as spicing things up. That is no typing error by the way; this product really is Extra Extra hot.
I decided to try this seasoning rub on chicken as, crazy as it sounds, any other meat wouldn’t feel right for a Nandos spice to me.
The chicken smelt absolutely amazing while grilling. The house was filled with wonderful spices and aromas which were far stronger than I thought they’d be. I decided to serve the chicken with couscous and a sour cream dip.
The chicken tasted wonderful, but was very hot! There was a seriously strong burn, but it was lovely that there was more to the depth of the flavour than just heat. I was pleased that the other spices shone through, including a rather nice garlic flavour mixed in. The sour cream dip helped to calm the heat, but if you are serving it up to people with a delicate palette, less is more and don’t forget the water jug! But for those who like their spices you won’t fail to love this!

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Ben said...

we dont have that in Australia but i would love it. we have the other rubs i found them on the Nando's website. http://www.nandosathome.com.au