14 January 2010

Bear: Mango Pineapple Baked Fruit Nibbles (Boots)

I decided to have a somewhat quick and healthier than usual breakfast this morning, and picked my myself up a bag of these fruit nibbles. When I opened the bag, I was a little worried about my purchase; I didn’t think that the contents looked particularly appetising. The pieces of fruit within the bag are thin, wrinkled and uninspiring in appearance. I realise that this is because Bear do not want to mess with the contents in order to make them look pretty and so they leave them alone rather than enhance them with colourings etc.
The pieces of fruit are firm, and slightly chewy but wonderfully sweet, with a full flavour. In fact they tasted so good, I became convinced there was extra sugar in there, but I was pleased to discover that there wasn’t. It is just naturally tasty fruit.
I would certainly buy this again, any items that are both healthy and tasty are a bonus in my book.

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gavin said...

you tried our mango and pineapple too; this is excellent. We know what you're saying about the fruits stunning good looks... it's one of those 'eye of the beholder' things. Healthy people look at it and think "that's looks tasty AND healthy", where as unhealthy people think "that looks healthy..."

The difference (and I'm glad you agree) is that we taste good to anyone who didn't ever enjoy dried fruit. and the secret's in the baking; we do it slowly at a really low temperature, so it keeps the fruit soft and juicy.

And you're right, no extra sugar. No sulphites either. We growl at those, something fierce.

Anyway, glad you're enjoying our stuff. Let us know about the tropical crunch...

Gavin from BEAR