1 June 2010

Bahlsen Choco Sticks (Sainsbury’s)

Yesterday Pocky, and today a different look at the concept of biscuit sticks. This rather lovely product consists of a sort of paddle of biscuit, coated in milk chocolate. Like the Pocky there is a section at the end that doesn’t have any coating on it, in order to keep fingers clean!
Being thicker biscuits, they are full of flavour, the base is rich and sweet, giving the impression it is made with something like dark Demerara sugar. The chocolate is milky and sweet and adds a nice contrast to the biscuit. It isn’t just a chocolate flavoured coating and is instead proper good quality milk chocolate.
The problem is that they are quite quick to eat which leads to the inevitable having to have another... and then another. Let’s just say, I know they were good because the box didn’t last long!


SilentAngel said...

Balsen is amazing and my fave product are these oneshttp://bahlsen.de/#/main/produkte/gebaeck/waffeletten/ u shouldreally try themif u are able to buy this one in the UK

Anonymous said...

These look yummy! I will look for them in sainsburys when i'm in there next :]


cinabar said...

Yep - I do love Bahlsen biscuits - these are a lovely addition to the range.

Louise - my local Sainsbury's seems to have an ever increasing range of Bahlsen biccies - so I hope you find them!