2 May 2009

Fox’s - Payne’s Poppets Choc Chip Cookie (available at Morrisons)

I love Poppets and was very excited to hear about the launch of a new product in their range. It will sit alongside the rather lovely mint, raisin and toffee varieties, and introduce a new texture to their collection. So this new Poppet is filled with a chocolate chip cookie centre. The first thing I did when I got my mitts on them was to bite one in half and have a look at the appearance of the filling. I can confirm it does indeed have mini chocolate chips set in a biscuit, as per the picture, and it is really appealing.
Tucking in I discovered that this product is all about the crunchy texture. The biscuit has a mild flavour, and the chocolate is creamy and sweet, but it really is all about the packet making a nice munch. I am reliably informed that these will be more wildly available from June (e.g. at Tesco’s and the Co-Op), and I do recommended giving them a try. Many thanks to Fox’s for sending me the sample.


  1. Oh I can't wait to try these! I love toffee poppets :]

  2. Wow. These look great. Must give them a try. Love the mints ones, Always thought the toffee in the toffee ones tasted cheap!

  3. My favourite are the mint ones, but let's not forget the raisin version either. mmmmmm

  4. omg I have tried these they are the best in the world need to know where I can get some more !!!!

  5. Sorry - its been quite a while since I last saw them :-/


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