25 May 2009

Mayan Mystica Magnum (Sainsbury’s)

Wow – we have had serious sunshine this weekend. I had a wonderful barbecue, and what better summery dessert is there after such a feast than an ice cream? I think this is my first ice cream of the year (on a stick). I choose the new Mayan flavoured Magnum. It is essentially a milk chocolate flavour sweet, creamy ice cream with a shell of milk chocolate with a gentle hint of spices. I picked up on cinnamon and nutmeg within the chocolate, but they are quite mild. Personally I would have liked a hint of chilli mixed in, and a formula that was a little heavier on the spices to seem truly Mayan to me. Still perhaps the majority of purchasers would prefer this milder version? The box does state ‘delicate spices’ so I shouldn’t complain.
The thing about Magnums ‘s when you open one, and you first bite in and crack the chocolate and reveal the creamy ice cream, it is hard to go wrong after that point.


NLi10 said...

Magnum Mini's are where it's at for me this year. You get 6 in a box and a variety of flavors in some of them and they are small enough to eat after work and still feel like a grown-up.

Will try these(spicy choc!), but not sure I can go back to the big size Magnums!

cinabar said...

I bought mini Twister's too... loving the idea of a little treat!