13 May 2009

Poppets Raisin Vs Cadbury’s Raisins

When Cadburys created the new product Cadbury’s Raisins (chocolate coated raisins) they must have known that it wasn’t as innovative as it could have been. I decided to put them to the taste test against another leading chocolate coated raisin provider, Poppets.
I asked an assistant to give me a chocolate coated raisin from each brand, and not let me know which packet they came from. The raisins in both are juicy and full of flavour, and about the same size. The chocolate on either was acceptable, and of a comparable thickness, perhaps fractionally thicker on the second sample I was given. The first sample had a very slight powdery edge to the chocolate but the overall taste was similar to the second sample. I discovered that I thought both items were very similar and that it was hard to tell them apart.
It turns out the second sample I had with the very slightly better chocolate was Cadburys and the first was Poppets. In conclusion then there isn’t much difference in the taste test, so I would make my future choice based on portion size, i.e. a small snack equates to a box Poppets or for a sharing portion a bigger bag from Cadburys.


Emily said...

Cadbury's choc will always win hands down for me. Candy King also does good choc raisins with quality choc on them. have you tried Daylesford Organic choc-raisins. They are yummy!

cinabar said...

Where do you get Daylesford Organic choc raisins from? Would love to give them a taste! What / Where is Candy King?