29 May 2009

Baratti E Milano Cioccolato Bianco Finissimo Con Estratta Naturale di Rosa [White Chocolate with Rose] (Harvey Nichols)

Here is another of those naughty purchases I made at Harvey Nichols. Naturally out of all the things I bought, chocolate was quite high on the list. My Italian isn’t too great, but I managed to work out in the shop that this was white chocolate with a rose flavouring and that the bar looked like it would be something special.
I was not wrong, the chocolate is of a very high quality. It is luxuriously soft in texture and not overpowered by any of the extra flavours. The creamy white chocolate is a great base for this flavouring. The rose is light sweet and floral, and there is also a fruity undertone mixed in which really perfects this bar. Rose isn’t to everyone’s taste, but this bar isn’t just for Turkish Delight fans. I would recommend giving it a go if you are a white chocolate enthusiast, the flavours are so well combined it would be hard to dislike it.


Cri said...

I bought it in Rome and now it is one of my favourite not only for its taste that is great, but because it is similar to me

cinabar said...

It is a lovely summer bar :-)