30 May 2009

Fru Carrot Cakes (Sainsbury’s)

After experiencing the rather lovely Gu Tiffin, I was very much looking forward to trying this Fru Carrot Cake (Gu and Fru being made by the same people). Carrot cake isn’t always my first choice for a cake, but it is something that I like.
Like the Gu Tiffin, there is a cardboard tub filled with individually wrapped squares of cake, to keep them fresh. The sponge in each cake is wonderfully moist and soft and in combination with the raisins I really liked the consistency. There are also walnut pieces in the icing which vary the texture nicely too. The taste is just right, the sweetness of the sponge, fruit and carrot is perfectly balanced by the warming spices and the creamy icing. I was very impressed by these cakes, and thoroughly recommend them.

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