31 May 2009

Cocoa Bean Chocolate Co - Irish Honey (Harvey Nichols)

This is another of those bars that I couldn’t resist from Harvey Nichols, and this one came with quite an in depth recommendation from the assistant, despite my fear that the whole bar maybe be a little too sweet.
I like the presentation of this bar, there is something nice about the simple pattern and block of colour on the packaging that makes it appealing and stand out on the shelf. This company have various flavours and each one has similar design, but with a different brightly coloured label. As I purchased another (couple) of bars from this range, you will see what I mean when I write about them.
This is a milk chocolate with 33% cocoa, but still has a really well defined cocoa flavour. The honey element is quite strong, and does make the bar sweet but it wasn’t at all sickly. The chocolate is smooth, soft and melts easily on the tongue, which makes it very easy to eat. The bar is very moreish, and I really enjoyed this chocolate. This is a nicely presented and well put together bar that left me desperately wanting to purchase another! Luckily I have a bar from the same make, flavoured with Lime and Black Pepper, just asking to be opened!

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