24 May 2009

Route 29 - Peanut Butter Sticks (TK Maxx)

Recently I had a bit of a tip-off that TK Maxx stocked quite a few interesting food products from around the world and that I should take a look. Well obviously I headed on over and this caught my eye. Regular readers will know about my love of peanut butter, so how could I resist this wonderful item when I saw it.
The packaging is a little strange though as it is designed to look a little like a cigarette packet, and it even has a joke warning on the side of the box about the chocolate being habit forming! I’m not sure this is one hundred percent politically correct for a confectionary, but whatever. This product is from the States by the way, the home of the chocolate and peanut butter mix. The nut filling was full of flavour, like a solid peanut butter. The sticks were crunchy but not hard enough to shatter, and the milk chocolate coating was fairly thick. As you can imagine I absolutely loved these, the two flavours work so well together. I do hope that I can find these regularly in TK Maxx, but something tells me their stock might vary week by week.


Emily said...

This company do great products. They are made in Napa, California. You can see more of their line in Selfridges, Brum

cinabar said...

I haven't seen them in Selfridges, but will take another look. (Any excuse to go back!)

Phil said...

Damn, I was going to try these when I saw them at TK Maxx but I was too late. Haven't seen them since. Still there's always an interesting selection at TK Maxx.