20 May 2009

Orion - Kocici Jazycky (Czech Republic)

Like the Snickers Cruncher, this is another item brought back from Prague by a couple of friends. When I first saw the item, I couldn’t work out what would be inside the packet. I assumed that the kittens on the front were just a marketing gimmick to make you think ‘cute’ rather than anything else. It was only when I opened the box did everything click.

The chocolates are “Langue de Chat” which translates to Cat’s Tongues. Sure enough I looked up ‘Kocici Jazycky’ and that does indeed translate to Cat’s Tongues. I can offer you no explanation for the name of this chocolate, except that I used to see them in old fashioned chocolate shops. In fact Terry’s used to make a very smart box of chocolate called ‘1767’ which had all sorts of interesting choccies in them, including “Langue de Chat”.
The name only refers to the shape of the chocolate, and I would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone no kittens were hurt during the making of this item. The chocolates are a little like chocolate spoons with a cat embossed at either end and are quite thin. This means that the chocolate snaps quite satisfyingly if you try to break one in half. The chocolate itself is very sweet and creamy, and nicely met my chocolate craving. It was so lovely to have these and reminisce about other brands that made similar items too. Thanks again to the people that sent them.


NLi10 said...

Has the lack of products due to the recession reduced you to reviewing new brands of cat treats?? ;)

Very cute box though.

cinabar said...

lol - if you are worried that I'm running low on chocolate, feel free to send some in!!! :-D