17 May 2009

Panda Licorice Cool and Fresh (Home Bargains)

Panda liquorice is becoming more and more popular. I remember a time when you had to go to health food shops in order to find it. These days I regularly see it at supermarkets, bargain shops and even in my local garden centre!
They have a new flavour labelled as ‘Cool and Fresh’ and on the packet it doesn’t quite explain if this is achieved by adding menthol, mint or some other special ingredient, but there is more than one way to find out!
When I opened the bag I was surprised to see that each piece was a lot smaller than I expected. As I have previously had the bars of Panda I was expecting chunky pieces. Each strip is thin and quite small, but at least there are plenty of them! Tucking in I found that the texture was as expected, softer than some other varieties, but not overly soft. In flavour there is a good rich taste of liquorice, and it is indeed followed by coolness in the mouth. The secret ingredient I think is menthol, not usually one of my favourite things, but it does go remarkably well with liquorice it seems. They remind me of a mild version of Mighty Imps, hands up everyone who remembers those!?!

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Unknown said...

Oh please bring back this liquorice! I loved it and it had a great effect on my vocal chords as well!