22 May 2009

Snapz Crunchy Carrot Chips (Sainsbury’s)

Having tried the Cassava Root crisps a few days ago, I thought I would continue my adventures in root vegetable crisps. I decided to purchase these carrot chips, as this vegetable seemed to be a particularly easy way in.
The chips are small and a rather lovely shade of orange and are seasoned with paprika. I like carrots, I really do, but unfortunately after trying these I discovered that I don’t like carrot crisps. They are a little too sweet and the paprika is a bit over powering. The whole mixture of flavours just felt a bit sickly to me, sweet carrot and spicy paprika was not a combination I liked. I know it goes against the ethos of the product, but I do really think some salt would help. I will have to try some root vegetables that are a little less sweet and see how I get on with those.

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