10 May 2009

Walkers SunBites [Wholegrain snacks] Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli (Sainsbury’s)

I have to admit to not really having tried the SunBites range from Walkers, but there is something about the phrase ‘New Flavour’ emblazoned on the packaging that made me purchase some. Recently I seem to have been writing about quite a few chilli related items, so I guess this will fit in with the theme.
The crisps themselves (surprisingly) aren’t really thicker than ordinary crisps, as I had been expecting. As you tuck in they have a light crunch and the texture of the crisps come together and do feel quite wholesome. The flavour is sweet and reminded me of stuffed peppers. A nice defined vegetable flavour with some extra spices too. The taste is strong and good, but the chilli is lacking, it is on the bottom rung of the chilli heat ladder.
Overall a tasty crisp, but if you are looking for a proper heat hit may I suggest you give Seabrook Hot and Spicy crisps a go instead.


Emily said...

I quite like the sunblush tomato ones. Have you tried those? They are good if you want a savoury snack and not be too naughty!

cinabar said...

I haven't tried the tomato ones but, I will have to give them a go. I'm not sure how the SunBites range passed me by.