18 May 2009

Snickers Cruncher (Czech Republic)

This was brought back for me by a couple of friends visiting Prague, and is a type of Snickers that I haven’t seen before. I was very excited to see that this particular version is a peanut special. There is no soft nougat, just peanuts in caramel. I am a big peanut fan, so naturally was very excited about this chocolate bar.
Tucking in there is a lovely crunch, which obviously influenced the name! I thought this bar was a big success, and loved every bit of it. The chocolate coating is of the usual Snickers quality, and the peanuts in caramel are fantastic, chewy and crunchy. It is a peanut lover’s dream bar, and I really do wish that it was available in the UK. Come on Snickers let’s see this bar more widely available. Thanks again to the people that sent it, I really do appreciate it, it is so nice to try different things from around the world.


Emily said...

Blimey! That looks AMAZING! Love peanuts too. I want one!

cinabar said...

I can't find any import shops selling them in the uk or on the internet :-(

Catherine said...

I have seen these in the poundshops if anyone is looking!