9 May 2009

Frijj [The Simpson’s Limited Edition] Cookie Dough Flavour Milkshake (Sainsbury’s)

Frijj do tend to make rather yummy thick milkshakes, and so when I saw this new variety I hurriedly purchased some. Cookie Dough is an interesting idea for a milkshake and not a flavour I had seen before. Generally I think my favourite flavour of milkshake is probably vanilla, so I had high hopes for this product.
I’m not sure how Cookie Dough is really supposed to taste, but when I opened the bottle the first thing I noticed was a strong smell of caramel. In taste too caramel seems to be the major flavour, and I don’t think a label of ‘caramel milkshake’ would be too far from the mark. The funny thing with this shake is that despite thoroughly enjoying it at first, further in I found it a little sickly and a struggle to finish. I put this down to the flavour perhaps being caramel and something else that I wasn’t so keen on. I can’t quite put my finger on what the other flavour is but one of the people tasting it with me thought egg, but not in a sulphur way. I suspect egg would be fair enough given it is supposed to be Cookie Dough, but I wasn’t keen. I found that the extra flavour creates an after taste that appears subtle at first but by the end was too distracting and a little rich.

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