8 May 2009

Rachel’s Organic Divine Dessert Milk Chocolate (Waitrose)

I do have quite a liking for chocolate yoghurt. I acknowledge that it doesn’t chocolaty in the way that you may expect it too, but there is something about the flavour that I like. I really Missed Muller Chocolate yoghurt when it was discontinued, but more recently have been enjoying Muller Vanilla and Chocolate.
This caught my eye in Waitrose, and I just had to give it a try. There is a pot of chocolate yoghurt, and some Belgian milk chocolate curls to mix in too. The yoghurt element is thick and creamy, and has that flavour I so enjoy. It tastes of milk chocolate but at the same time has a slightly tart edge as but is also creamy. It’s hard to describe, but is similar to the Muller version I remember. Of course there were also chocolate curls to mix in with this dessert which added a nice texture and an extra hit of chocolate. Perfect if you are in the chocolate yoghurt lovers camp, but if you are expecting liquid chocolate in the pot you will be disappointed.


Emily said...

I used to love Mr Men chocolate yogurts when I was little. Did you ever have them? Yum. This yogurt looks fab though. Rachel makes great yogurt products!

cinabar said...

No I missed out on the Mr Men yogurts, which is a shame as I would have loved them!