16 May 2009

Junior Mints (Selfridges)

I was reliably informed by someone in Selfridges that these are the only boxed mint product for sale in their shop. If they only stock one variety, here is hoping it is a good one!
They are round soft mints with a layer of dark chocolate on them. The chocolate isn’t anything to write home about, and these sweets aren’t the kind of product to brag about cocoa content.
It does however deliver the necessary chocolate flavour; it coats a suitably fantastic soft mint and together the combination of flavours just work. There is an absolutely wonderful peppermint hit from these sweets, and because of that I found them moreish and yummy. They aren’t over strong, and the mint is also sweet and zingy. These might not be for the chocolate connoisseur, but still a treat if you are looking for a refreshing mint.


lindsay said...

These are surely a fav of mine from childhood! I would be pleased everytime I got a box, heh.

Emily said...

Aah, we had these in the USA. They cost about 50p there. Slightly more expensive in Selfridges!

cinabar said...

Even at Selfridges prices I'd buy them again, such lovely mints.